Pizarro Pedraza, Andrea

Ph.D in Spanish Linguistics, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (ES) BA. In Spanish Philology, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (ES)

Andrea Pizarro Pedraza is a cognitive sociolinguist trained in Madrid, Essex and Leuven, with various scholarships from the Ministry of Education and the CSIC. Her area of expertise is the linguistic expression of sexual taboo in Spanish, but she is broadly interested in the interpretation of meaning variation in speech and social networks. Her work on sexual concepts and sociolinguistic methodology has been presented extensively in Spain, the UK, Belgium, Germany and Canada. Her paper on the expression of ‘abortion’ in Spanish will appear in 2015 in the Australian Journal of Linguistics. The online publication of her corpus MadSex (Madrilenian Corpus of sexuality) is also forthcoming. She is currently a research fellow at the University of Leuven (KUL) and a freelance editor of Spanish textbooks for a leading publishing house.