Ikuta, Jennie

Ph.D. in Political Science, Brown University (US) M.A. in Political Science, Brown University (US) B.A. in Political Science, University of Chicago (US)

Jennie Ikuta is a political theorist who works in both the history of political thought and contemporary political theory; More specifically, she is interested in the relationship between politics and ethics, or the relationship between our collective commitments and the kinds of ethical lives we ought to lead. Her current book project, entitled Democracy and the Quest for Human Flourishing: A Study of Mill and Nietzsche, employs the political and philosophical thought of John Stuart Mill and Friedrich Nietzsche as theoretical lenses through which to think about how a political commitment to democracy can affect a society’s understanding and pursuit  of human flourishing. An article based on her dissertation research, “Mill as Ambivalent Democrat: The Corruption and Cultivation of Excellence in Democratic Society and Politics,” is forthcoming in Philosophy and Social Criticism. She is the International Teaching Postdoctoral Fellow at IE University for 2014/15.